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Adeline Boettcher, PhD (Addie) is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Staff at Savoy Life. Savoy Life is a virtual healthcare company bringing high-quality health and compliance support services to the long-term care industry.

Savoy Life is the newest incubation from Red Cell Partners, where Addie is a Healthcare Advisor. Red Cell Partners is a technology incubation firm building companies in healthcare and national security, where she focuses on business strategy and operations across healthcare incubations.

She has worked with founding teams at DEFCON AI — a modeling and simulation company creating novel tools for the modern military mobility environment — and Zephyr AI — a healthcare technology company building new tools for reshaping precision medicine — on product conceptualization, market research, identifying and pursuing funding opportunities, along with other business operations.

Prior to joining Red Cell, Addie launched her own business, Alpha Beta Scientific Communications LLC (ABSC) in 2021. Here she worked as a consultant with a wide range of organizations—ranging from biotech and healthcare companies to academic and medical associations—on research and business strategy.

Before ABSC, Addie was the Scientific Editor with the Radiological Society of North America where she worked with radiologists and publications teams on clinical reports from Radiology: Imaging Cancer, Radiology: Artificial Intelligence, Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging, as well as Radiology.

Prior to joining RSNA, Addie completed her postdoctoral work at Northwestern University, where her research was focused on immunotherapies in prostate cancer.

She earned her PhD in 2019 from Iowa State University in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, which focused on the characterization of pigs with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID). Working with the cross-disciplinary team at Iowa State University, she and her team were the first group to generate immunologically humanized SCID pigs (SCID pigs engrafted with human immune cells).

From her academic years, she is an author on 20 peer-reviewed publications, ranging in topics from swine biomedical models (pigs with severe combined immunodeficiency), cancer, and radiology.


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